* Pre-recorded: 8 weeks of in depth trainings

    with Jaiya and Ian

* Bonus: Lifetime Membership to Erotic

   Freedom Club


Week 1: Orgasmic Orientation

  • Setting yourself up for success: What you'll learn and how to take action
  • Using easy wins to accelerate your erotic transformation
  • Understanding empathy as your best support for radical transformation
  • Connecting with yourself, your partner and our Erotic Community

Week 2: Core Erotic Blueprints™

  • Discover the 5 Erotic Types, 5 Erotic Stages and 4 fundamental pathways that could enhance (or destroy) your sexual health and pleasure
  • Begin to map your Core Erotic Blueprint™ and open to orgasmic vitality
  • Clarify where you need to focus your energies to attain greater levels of erotic fulfillment
  • Find deeper connection and mutual fulfillment by gaining empathy for other people's pleasure map

Week 3: Deliciously Determining Blueprints

  • Become an erotic detective, sleuthing your way to love making mastery
  • Practice touch and talk games to determine your own or someone else's Blueprint 
  • Secrets to interviewing and observing others so you can determine what erotic techniques would turn them on the most
  • An introduction to turn on techniques for all 5 Blueprint Types

Week 4: Frequently Feeding the Blueprints

  • Get the touch you crave: Live demonstrations of erotic play for each Blueprint Type
  • Skills for flirting and seducing the Blueprints
  • Learn to articulate your sexual needs and get them fed and fulfilled
  • Gain confidence that you can satisfy a partner like never before

Week 5: Seductively Speaking the Blueprints

  • Confidently speak the most arousing words inside and outside the bedroom
  • More than words: Use congruent body language destined to turn up the crave
  • Play a special game to uncover the hottest words for your own or your partner's arousal
  • Whispering, emailing or sexting the right words and phrases to make a lover hunger for you

Week 6: Holistically Healing Blueprints

  • Healing the shadow of your Blueprint opens you to more pleasure and more connection
  • Create deeper erotic freedom when you uncover the roots of any blocks you have
  • Take steps to overcome and breakthrough physical, emotional, biochemical or energetic obstacles that hold you back
  • Transform your biggest obstacles into your deepest pathways for pleasure

Week 7: Expertly Expanding the Blueprints

  • Expand your palette and discover erotic satisfaction you didn't know was possible
  • Increase your partner's satisfaction by learning to play in their Blueprint
  • Gain easier access to orgasm, orgasmic states and superpower sex skills
  • Get on the path to Erotic Mastery

Week 8: Hot Sex for a Lifetime

  • Get the plan to have a thriving, hot sexuality for the rest of your life
  • Learn the secrets for a life of lasting passion, ravishment, connection and crave
  • Couples: Learn what you need to keep it hot for a lifetime
  • Singles: Learn the pleasure pathway to have an empowered sexual journey
  • Celebrate you Erotic Evolution as we complete the Erotic Blueprint™ Breakthrough Course!

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